Sunday, April 03, 2016

The April Challenges at ScrapBird are up!

Both the Element Challenge and the Font Challenge are up for the month of April at ScrapBird Forum!

Not only they are lots of fun, but you get to know all the wonderful people at the ScrapBird, and (cherry on top) both challenges have a completion bonus!

This mini Kit is the completion bonus for the Element Challenge:

This full Alpha is the completion bonus for the Font Challenge:

What are you waiting for???
We're waiting for you :)

Until the Myst returns,
stay very safe
laugh much
and know you're loved!

Monday, February 15, 2016

The February Element Challenge at ScrapBird is up!

The February Element Challenge at the ScrapBird Forum is up!

And your Element is that adorable Teddybear, which is yours if you play the Challenge.

All you have to do is make a page - a Layout - including this Element and any product from my store. It doesn't have to be new, of course. Anything in your stash, as long as it is by Myst Designs, is eligible.

Should you want a romantic Kit, you can find Roses For My Valentine HERE

And, if you complete 6 of these Loyalty Challenges, you can choose any product up to $4.99 from the whole ScrapBird store!

Come along and play!

Until the Myst returns
stay very safe
laugh much
and know you're loved!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Did you know? Myst Designs is a ScrapBird!

Did you know that I'm a proud ScrapBird?

That's right!

And there is so much fun going on in that Store and Forum... you simply HAVE to come and see!
Let me give you the grand tour!


First of all, did you know that there is FREE STUFF in the Forum?

You get a beautiful Kit just by registering - and you haven't even started to have fun!
Here it is:

Go here to Join in the fun: SCRAPBIRD FORUM - JOIN

You get another beautiful Kit when you post 30 times - that is, when you start to really have some fun!
Here it is:

For that, you go here: SCRAPBIRD FORUM - 30 POSTS


There are all sorts of Challenges in the ScrapBird Forum.
They are all fun, and they are all different, and there are always new ones, some go on for a longer time, some for a shorter time, and they all have incredible prizes!
Come and see!

ScrapBird makes this simple for you.
The Forum is very well divided and easily navigated.

It has a section for Challenges with our DET Ladies here: DET CHALLENGES

It also has a section for the Loyalty Club Challenges: LOYALTY CLUB CHALLENGES

All questions are welcome, there are tons of instructions for everything, and answers are always only a click away - there is always someone looking out for new questions!


Here are the basic links for the ScrapBird Forum:

ScrapBird Forum: FORUM

ScrapBird Gallery: GALLERY

Gallery and Forum Guidelines and Instructions: GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS

Main Index of our Forum: MAIN INDEX

Loyalty Club: LOYALTY CLUB

Loyalty Club Challenges: LOYALTY CHALLENGES

Creative Team Challenges and Information: DET CHALLENGES AND INFO

What about Myst Designs?
Does she have a Challenge?

The answer is YES!

I host a monthly challenge called Myst's Elements Challenge, that you can find here: MYST'S ELEMENT CHALLENGE

Every month I post a brand new element, extracted by me, unique and new, full size, that will be yours if you participate.
All you have to do is make a Layout including that element and a product from my store. Any product. Doesn't have to be an expensive one. Doesn't have to be a new one. It can be one that you already have in your stash. Or it can be as simple as a brad.

This was the Element for January:

The Challenge runs for the whole month.

This is a Loyalty Challenge.
If you complete 6 of these Challenges (the list is HERE), you get the 6 stamps, and you can choose any single product from our store up to $4.99. The rules for this are HERE

It doesn't get any better than this!

By the way... You should also visit our Tutorial section: TUTORIALS
It's getting better and better!

Sometimes we also make a Tutorial together with a Challenge, and there's always a great prize!

Come visit :)

Until the Myst returns
stay very safe
laugh much
and know you're loved!