Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank You Ripal!!!

Hello Friends!

I have been so busy... please forgive the lack of news.
Tomorrow the Freebies will start to show :)

Meanwhile, I have very recently joined a great Forum, DigiShopTalk.
Then I asked Ripal (a wonderful lady, hugs to you!) if I could participate in the Blog Train Blog.
Not until I sell in a store that's not just Blogger, but Ripal hates to say no to anybody,
so she came up with this lovely idea:
they're having a challenge there for which it was necessary to find a volunteer
to make a mini kit to be given to all participants,
and she asked if I (I! Me... Little old me... THUD!) wanted to do it.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity,
all the time a bit anxious she would think it wasn't good enough,
and sweet Ripal loved it!

So this kit is now being given to anyone who participates in THIS challenge at the DigiTalkShop Forum.

The Papers

The Elements

If you like it,
why don't you give it a go?
It's great fun,
and you'll meet wonderful people and amazing artists!

Till then, be well!


Lilaclady said...

I entered the journaling challenge at DST and Ripal just sent me the link to the kit you made for the prize. Thank you so much! :)

Myst said...

Thank you so much for posting, Lilaclady!
And it was my very great pleasure, you are such talented ladies! xxx