Thursday, December 01, 2011

Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Blog Train full of Freebies!

It's December 1st
and therefore time for the
Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Blog Train:
the Christmas freebies are here!

For the full blog train list,
please consult 

Here is my contribution:

Please, before you download, consider voting for me - it's very appreciated!

Best of Digital Scrapbooking Toplist

PASSWORD = christmas

*You'll need this password to open the files after you've downloaded them*

I hope you like it, 
and come back for more in a few days 
because I'm also participating in the
Starving Artist Freebie Blog Train
that should leave shortly!

Until the Myst returns,
stay very safe,
laugh much
and know you are loved!

I've been told that the files couldn't be open because I made a mistake with the password.
They have now been replaced, and you can download them safely.
I do apologize for the inconvenience! 


myrrhmaid319 said...

Lovely lovely kit, however the password on the papers does not seem to be christmas. But never the less, beautiful elements. Thanks!

Noko411 said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations. :)

Shannon said...

Thank you so much!

LianeZ said...

Thanks for the Freebie!

musicaldruid said...

thank you for sharing, happy holidays!

Alicia said...

Your Santas are adorable! Thank you!

cathy said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas kit.

d1blodgett said...

This looks like a beautiful kit, however, it wouldn't open for me. I have a MacBook Pro. Does this make a difference? I get a message that it cannot be unarchived and no opportunity to enter a password. I'd love to be able to download it... Thanks for reading this!

Myst said...

@ d1blodgett
It would help if you leave me an email where I can contact you :)
Or would you please contact me at ocean.myst.designs @ (no spaces)?
I really want all my fans to get the Freebies, and using Macs is sometimes tricky.
Please email me, and we'll sort it out :)
Happy Holidays

cjpeterson38 said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.

Clumsinumptie said...

Wow, this kit is really gorgeous! Thankyou so much for sharing, I really do appreciate it so much. x