Monday, April 23, 2012

Myst Designs has an Extraction Service!

 I'm offering an Extraction Service.

What does this mean?
It means you can send me any pictures of yours where you would like something isolated from the background, and I do it for you - clean, crisp, no jaggies, no missing pixels and no stragglers (pixels left over from the extraction).

Is this only for Designers?
Not by any means.
Designers may benefit from this service since sometimes they don't have the time or the inclination to do it themselves.
However, Scrappers may find this useful as well - say you want your teenager son taken off that ugly back alley where the picture was taken, so you can place him on the beach, or in your backyard, or by himself - imagination has no limits!
Or imagine you want to scrap your baby grandson and you want him not on the couch but on the adorable moon from that last great Kit you just bought.

That's where I come in.
I can do this for you, for a very reasonable price (it is a lengthy process and hard on the eyes)

What should you be wary of?

Mainly two things: 
the quality of your pictures 
the validity of your Copyright.

If you send me a blurry picture, you'll get a blurry extraction.
If you send me a very blurry picture, I reserve the right to decline to do it, on the grounds of the near impossibility of the performance and the assurance that you would hate it.
I cannot improve the quality of the pictures you send me. I can only extract from them what you want extracted.

The Copyright of your picture remains yours, if it was yours to begin with.
I will not extract any work made by another Designer, nor any work I recognize as Copyright protected - so please don't even send me such pictures.
If you give me a Copyright protected picture that I do not recognize and I extract it, the blame falls on you - as do any legal consequences that may follow.

How does this work?
For the moment, this service can only be found at

You send me a .zip file with your pictures: my email is
Please write Extraction Service on the Subject line.

I approve those pictures with regard to their quality and Copyright, and write you back.
This will never take longer than 24 hours, normally much less.

You will then purchase the Extraction Service one time for each picture you want me to work with.
It will be $3.00 per picture.
In bunches of 5, you pay only $14.00.
That is the only discount this service will ever have: no sales or coupons will apply.

I will not take longer than a week to have your work done, unless special circumstances apply, of which you will be made aware BEFORE you purchase the service.

Depending on the number of pictures you order, it may be done in a day or two.
Please bear in mind you are not the only customer, and I take orders as they arrive.

I hope you enjoy this Service and find it useful!

Here are some previews of my extractions.
You can find many more among my CU products in any of my Stores

Until the Myst returns
stay very safe
laugh much
and know you're loved!

Big hugs

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