Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Collection Lavender Dreams

In soft shades of lavender, lilac, purple, soft yellow and several shades of blue, this essentially floral Kit is perfect for preserving the memories of your last vacation, or some great pictures of your garden, or even some traveling you did...
Very versatile and with lots of choices, weather for Spring or Summer or just something that asks for flowers and soft colours, you'll love it!

It includes

4 Gradient Bows
7 Single Colour Bows in different Colours
2 Wrap Ribbons and Bows
8 Ribbons
1 Bouquet Of Flowers
1 Bridal Lavender Rose
1 Dried Lavender Bunch
1 Lavender Bouquet
1 Lavender Flower
1 Lavender Garland
1 Lavender Rose
1 Lilac Flower
1 Magenta Flower
1 Pink Flower
1 Vase with Planted Flowers
4 Plumeria flowers in different colours
3 Sunflowers
1 Vase with Lavender Flowers
1 Wood Basket with Lavender
2 Metal Frames, decorated
2 Paper Frames, decorated
2 Pieces of Journaling
1 Basin
1 Basin and Pitcher
1 Basin with sunflowers
2 Different Clocks
3 Crochet Thread Bunches in different colours
1 Flower Basin
1 Lavender Cupcake
1 Lavender Spindle
1 Bunch of Lavender Spindles
1 Lilac Bucket
1 Pile of Lavender Pillows
1 Pine Cone
1 Pitcher
1 Purple and Rose Tea Cup
2 Silk Roses
1 Flower Girl

23 landscaped, blended, brushed and textured papers

1 full alpha: upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters, in lace embroidery over a soft lavender background

This Kit is Full Size, Quality Checked, and PU, S4O and S4H friendly.

For you, a little inspiration from the wonderful and talented Mysty Girls
By Beata

By Chili

By Lins

By SherryD

By Tineke

By Zanthia

This Kit will be ON SALE 25% OFF until July 20th

You can find it HERE

Until the Myst returns
be very safe
laugh much
and know you're loved!


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