Saturday, February 27, 2010


It's been too long.
So I thought that maybe,
before the March Blog Train starts,
I'd let you know what I've been putting in the store.

Who knows...
You might like it!

So I made a pack of 8 Valentine Themed Papers,
with quotes from great writters and soft colours,
and it turned out like this:

And I also made a Vintage, sort of Heritage Valentine Kit,
that I loved doing,
and it turned out like this:

And I also have for sale a CU GrabBag of Valentine knick-knacks:

Carnival and Mardi-Gras are not themes that inspire me much,
so all I've done for that was
a very romantic Paper Pack based on the only Carnival I truly love:
the Carnival in Venice.

I am now working on my St. Patrick Day Kit,
that I intend to make completely celtic,
romantic in that way, and different from the usual "luck of the Irish".

If any of this interest you,
then keep an eye out,
because SWA is once more going to have interesting developments.
There will be something for the ones who subscribe the Newsletter,
and there are some sales on the way!

So direct you cyber-steps to


where you can always find all of my stuff
and much, much more!

Until the Myst returns
(with a Gateway to Annwn... careful... don't get stuck...)
take care
and know you are loved.

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