Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stars And Stripes by Myst Designs

And the Star Spangled Banner, 
Forever may It wave
O'er the Land of the Free
And the Home of the Brave

This Kit celebrates the 4th July, when the basic Human Rights were finally and for the first time put in writing.
When enlightened men saw what a country - and indeed an entire civilization - needed and strove to guide it to it.
It's an important part of our History, no matter what nationality we are, because we all benefited from it.
We stood - we stand - on the shoulders on giants. May it allow us to see far.

This Kit celebrates these men and this occasion in History.

In it you get

60 Elements

1 Liberty Bell
4 bows in different patterns
3 bows and ribbons in different colours
5 vintage patriotic brads
5 buttons in different patterns with raffia
4 different coins
1 parchment with the Declaration of Independence
9 flowers in different colours and shapes
1 bronze oval frame
1 bronze oval frame with the Statue Of Liberty
1 bronze square frame
2 stamp-like frames with embellishments
2 pieces of journalling in old paper
1 old key with ribbon with shadow and one without shadow
3 knots in different patterns
2 different Statues of Liberty
3 gift bows in different patterns
1 old envelope addressed to George Washington
1 quill
2 curled ribbons
1 straight ribbon
1 scalloped banner
2 tags in old paper
3 wrinkled bows in different colours

13 beautifully blended, landscaped, patterned and/or textured papers

All elements and papers are created at 300ppi, 
with papers saved as high-resolution JPGs for stunning print clarity,
and elements saved as PNG files to preserve transparency.

1 Sheet of 10 Glitter Styles, Patterns and JPGs sheets, for use in other programs.

1 Full Alpha, complete with uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers and Special Characters

Each alpha character is in its own file.

All my new products have a discount of 25% for the first two weeks in store;)

Until the Myst returns,
 stay very safe,
laugh much
and know you're loved!

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